Daniel S. Egel

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We propose a new inverse probability weighting (IPW) estimator for moment condition models with missing data. Our estimator is easy to implement and compares favourably with existing IPW estimators, including augmented IPW estimators, in terms of efficiency, robustness, and higher-order bias. We illustrate our method with a study of the relationship between(More)
This paper examines how tribes, the dominant political structure in rural areas of many developing countries, affect the allocation of development resources. I create a dataset of Yemeni tribes and demonstrate that areas with more tribes per capita i.e more inter-tribal heterogeneity -receive larger allocations of development resources. My empirical(More)
Since the mid-1980s, watermelon fields in southwestern Indiana have experienced outbreaks of a disease syndrome known as mature watermelon vine decline (originally known as sudden wilt). The disease was a limiting factor in production and reduced yields in many fields in 1989, 1995, and 1999. In 2000, it was especially severe, affecting more than 50 percent(More)
The diversity of vectors and fleeting nature of virus acquisition and transmission renders nonpersistent viruses a challenge to manage. We assessed the importance of noncolonizing versus colonizing vectors with a 2-yr survey of aphids and nonpersistent viruses on commercial pumpkin farms. We quantified aphid alightment using pan traps, while testing leaf(More)
for details on replicating our results. Here we describe the functions this …le calls. These functions may be helpful to researchers undertaking original research. Please feel free to modify the code for your own use. We do ask that you acknowledge our work by citing the original paper and explicitly mentioning the use of our code. This code is provided "as(More)
RAND working papers are intended to share researchers' latest findings. Although this working paper has been peer reviewed and approved for circulation by the the research should be treated as a work in progress. Unless otherwise indicated, working papers can be quoted and cited without permission of the author, provided the source is clearly referred to as(More)
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