Daniel S. Cargill

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We demonstrate that soliton perturbation theory, though widely used, predicts an incorrect phase distribution for solitons of stochastically driven nonlinear Schrödinger equations in physically relevant parameter regimes. We propose a simple variational model that accounts for the effect of radiation on phase evolution and correctly predicts its(More)
In this paper, we consider the effects of nonlinear phase modulation on frequency conversion by four-wave mixing (Bragg scattering) in the low-conversion regime. We derive the Green functions for this process using the time-domain collision method, for partial collisions, in which the four fields interact at the beginning or the end of the fiber, and(More)
A general far-field wave propagation scaling law is developed. The formulation is simple but predicts diffraction peak irradiance accurately in the far field, regardless of the near-field beam type or geometry, including laser arrays. We also introduce the concept of the equivalent uniform circular beam that generates a far-field peak irradiance and(More)
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