Daniel S. Brox

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This paper reports a sensor-integrated telemetric stent targeted at wireless detection and monitoring of restenosis, a common vascular complication induced by stent implantation. The developed "smart" stent incorporates the design and fabrication approaches that raise the practicality of the device, being tested in an in vivo study that validates its(More)
A stainless-steel (SS) chip of capacitive pressure sensor and its new integration method are developed. The sensors are microfabricated through thermal bonding of the chip dies made of medical-grade SS to the Au-polyimide diaphragm film. The capacitive cavity design with dead-end holes is verified to increase the pressure sensitivity. Laser microwelding is(More)
A radio-frequency (RF) interrogation method for sensor-integrated “smart” stent implants is reported. This device, formed with a 2-cm-long inductive antenna stent and a micro capacitive pressure sensor, both based on a medical-grade stainless steel, serves as a wireless resonant pressure sensor designed to detect changes in local blood(More)
A novel production approach to the fabrication of capacitive micropressure sensors is reported. A magnetic fluid known as ferrofluid is used as the liquid-phase sacrificial layer in the microfabrication process, enabling extremely simple, fast, and low-cost production of the sensors while eliminating the need for photolithographic, bonding, and/or chemical(More)
This study advances the technology for “smart” antenna stents integrated with micro pressure sensors, targeting at providing a non-invasive and rapid diagnosis of stenting-induced complications in a wireless manner. The smart stent device is developed via considering both engineering and clinical practicality with enhanced electromechanical(More)
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