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OBJECTIVE To assess the results obtained using the Dynesys system (Dynamic Neutralisation System for the spine), in a group of 94 patients. This new system for treating lumbar degenerative pathologies is based on lumbar stabilisation and preservation of articular function, as opposed to traditional arthrodesis restrictions. MATERIAL AND METHODS We analyze(More)
It has been suggested that prenatal exposure to cadmium may alter the cardiovascular function during adulthood. Using the left coronary artery ligation model of acute myocardial infarction, we studied the cardiac function of female adult offspring rats exposed to cadmium (30 ppm) during gestation. The cardiac ischemic zone in the control and cadmium-exposed(More)
The efficiency of chicken eggshell membranes combined with a minimally invasive small osteotomy procedure of the ulna to accomplish an efficient release of the radius so that it can continue to grow in an unstressed manner was tested in rabbits. Eggshell membranes were extracted from chicken eggs, rinsed, dried and sterilized with ethylene oxide for 24 h.(More)
Apomorphine is a potent dopaminergic agonist that quickly and predictably reverts parkinsonian symptomatology. In 32 patients (18 male) aged 45 to 83 years old (22 with idiopathic parkinsonism and 10 with parkinsonism of other causes), the dopaminergic response to apomorphine after domperidone administration was assessed using the digital skill test and(More)
Short latency somatosensory evoked potentials were measured in 10 patients with Parkinson's disease before and after the administration of Apomorphine 5 mg sc. Eight of these subjects were reassessed after one month of treatment with Levo-Dopa. These potentials were measured in other nine subjects before and after one month of treatment with Selegiline 10(More)
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