Daniel Ruiz-González

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The design and development of any complex applications using a Model-driven Engineering approach involve not only the use of many models, but also the use of many model transformations between them. These transformations should be chained together, using Model Transformation Orchestration notations and tools. This paper introduces Wires*, a graphical(More)
Viewpoint modeling has demonstrated to be an effective approach for specifying complex software systems by means of a set of independent views and correspondences between them. As any other software system, a Web application evolves during its lifetime, and its specifications change to meet new requirements or to adapt to business changes. As a consequence,(More)
There are both advantages and disadvantages of using visual and textual notations for expressing large system specifications. Each kind of notation seems to be more apt for expressing and managing some aspects, and there is no clear winner. A solution can be the use of both styles, with synchronization mechanisms that always keep them in synch. In this(More)
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