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Over the past decade, mobile computing and wireless communication have become increasingly important drivers of many new computing applications. The field of wireless sensor networks particularly focuses on applications involving autonomous use of compute, sensing, and wireless communication devices for both scientific and commercial purposes. This paper(More)
Introduction Disease can pose a serious threat to endangered species, occasionally causing sudden and unexpected local declines in abundance (Cleaveland et al., 2002). However, the risk posed by diseases in the struggle to conserve endangered species is usually overlooked until a major problem occurs. The rapid decline in the population of the endangered(More)
The Internet is composed of thousand of autonomous Internet Service Providers (ISPs). On the one hand, they cooperate with one another to provide services for their customers; on the other hand, they compete with each other by using selfish routing and interconnecting strategies to maximize their own profits. Currently, ISPs use bilateral settlements to(More)
The second page of the manuscript is its abstract. A successful abstract presents the major results and conclusions of the paper. Its language is as non-technical as possible. It should be brief. Avoid statements which merely declare the subject of a paper. Text Organize the text in the manner which seems most suitable to you. There is no set format such as(More)
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