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Current quality measurement processes are labor-intensive, involving manual chart reviews and use of paper-based quality measures that vary in format and definitions from measure to measure. Automated quality reporting is considered by many to be an important tool that will help close the gaps in the quality of US health by increasing the timeliness,(More)
Failure to follow-up on abnormal tests is a common clinical concern comprising the quality of care. Although many clinicians track their patient follow-up by scheduling follow-up visits or by leaving physical reminders, most feel that automated, computerized systems to track abnormal test results would be useful. While existing clinical decision support(More)
In contrast to static imagery, detection of events of interest in video involves evidence accumulation across space and time; the observer is required to integrate features from both motion and form to decide whether a behavior constituents a target event. Do such events that extend in time elicit evoked responses of similar strength as evoked responses(More)
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