Daniel Roques

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The linearity characterization of multicarrier power amplifiers in terms of Noise Power Ratio (NPR) is now well adopted. The use of an analog band pass noise source with a notch in the center bandwidth is currently used for this purpose. We present in this paper a novel NPR measurement technique based on a numerical generation of a gaussian noise. This(More)
The design of a coplanar low-noise amplifier (LNA) is presented in this paper. Pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors (PHEMTs), optimized for power applications, are used in order to evaluate the potentiality of this technology for mixed-mode applications. The three stages amplifier noise figure is lower than 2.6 dB on the 27 - 31 GHz frequency(More)
The explosion of the telecommunication market is also impacting the space segment and the satellite payloads. All over the world, the industry is making strong efforts to reduce cost and delivering time for commercial programs, while decreasing hardware mass and increasing overall performance. Following American and Japanese initiatives, the French agencies(More)
This paper describes the design, the realization, and the performance of two versions of an analog C-band GaAs variable gain amplifier module suitable to application in C-band satellite receiver. This modules uses the ability of the Dual-Gate MESFET to provide variable gain. The highest obtained dynamic control range is 30 dB with very flat gain response(More)
Designing power amplifier for modern comunication systems is a challenging topic. A new design methodology for multicarrier power amplifiers (MCPA) is described which is based on an objective optimality criterion as to linearity and power consumption of amplifier building blocs. Amplifier design results are presented which shows the effectiveness of the(More)
A full set of Ku-Band monolithic integrated circuits designed for a spatial telecommunication active antenna is presented. Low Noise Amplifier, Medium Level Amplifier, Mixer, Attenuator and Digital Phase-Shifter are detailed and the measured results are discussed. This is completed with the design and simulation of Digital and Analog Phase-Shifter whose(More)
The aim of this paper is to present the design and measurements of a Ku-band class AB power amplifier. This two stage amplifier, designed by ALCATEL and manufactured by THOMSON foundry service with HP07 process, works between 10.7 et 12.75 GHz. 11 dB gain is obtained with 33 dBm output power and a power added efficiency better than 27 % at 11.75 GHz.
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