Daniel Rodrigues Blanco

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Karyotypic analyses were performed in fishes from the genus Hoplias (H. malabaricus and H. lacerdae groups) from the São Francisco River basin (Brazil), in an impacted region by a river transposition(More)
Auchenipteridae is divided in two subfamilies, Centromochlinae and Auchenipterinae. Centromochlinae has 31 valid species, from which 13 are included in the genus Tatia Miranda Ribeiro, 1911. Among(More)
Karyotype and cytogenetic characteristics of 2 species of giant trahiras, Hopliasintermedius, São Francisco river basin, and Hopliasaimara, Arinos river (Amazon basin), were examined by conventional(More)
The Astyanax species of the bimaculatus group include morphologically similar representatives that share the same color pattern, corresponding to at least 20 species. Specimens from the São Francisco(More)
The Iguazu river is a tributary of the left margin of the Paraná river, isolated from this basin about 22 million years ago with the appearance of the Iguazu Falls. The Iguazu river is characterized(More)