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Stage 4S neuroblastoma is an unusual malignancy that has an excellent prognosis, except in young infants. A 2-month-old with 4S neuroblastoma complicated by massive hepatomegaly, managed by abdominal decompression surgery and a negative-pressure dressing system is presented. Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage also developed, which was treated with high-dose(More)
Twelve rabbits were sacrificed one and three days, one, two, four and eight weeks after horizontal gastroplasty in order to investigate morphological changes after operation. Histology of the proximal pouch of the stomach showed various degrees of mucosal damage and a close relationship between its severity and high pH of the pouch. This suggested the(More)
In an effort to investigate the healing process of resected liver stump and the significance of portal and hepatic arterial flow. In addition to hepatectomy in the first group, an arterial and a portal branch were ligated in the second and third groups, respectively. It was demonstrated that portal branch ligation influenced a delay in healing of resected(More)
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