Daniel Riordan

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— The scale of dairy farming worldwide has changed significantly over recent years, with a move towards larger, more intensive, profit-driven enterprises, primarily due to market pressures. This change has resulted in demand for technologies that can reduce costs and labour inputs while increasing farm productivity. This is mainly achieved through the use(More)
The intention of this research is to establish a relationship between dairy cattle diseases with various non-invasive sensors for the development of a health monitoring system. This paper expands on the conference paper titled " Sensor technology for animal health monitoring " published in the International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems(More)
The human auditory system perceives sound in a much different manner than how sound is measured by modern audio sensing systems. The most commonly referenced aspects of auditory perception are loudness and pitch, which are related to the objective measures of audio signal frequency and sound pressure level. Here we describe an efficient and accurate method(More)
I hereby certify that this material, which I now submit for assessment on the programme of study leading to the award of B.Sc. in Applied Physics is entirely my own work, does not to the best of my knowledge breach any law of copyright, and has not been taken from the work of others save and to the extent that such work has been cited and acknowledged(More)
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