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Do we view the world differently if it is described to us in figurative rather than literal terms? An answer to this question would reveal something about both the conceptual representation of figurative language and the scope of top-down influences on scene perception. Previous work has shown that participants will look longer at a path region of a picture(More)
It has been proposed that there is a core impairment in autism spectrum conditions (ASC) to the mirror neuron system (MNS): If observed actions cannot be mapped onto the motor commands required for performance, higher order sociocognitive functions that involve understanding another person's perspective, such as theory of mind, may be impaired. However,(More)
The elementary numbers are the complex numbers which can be implicitly or explicitly defined by starting with the rationals and using addition, subtraction, multiplication and exponentiation. More explicitly, an ele. mentary point is a non-singular solution of n equations, involving exponential polynomials, in n unknowns; and an elementary number is(More)