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A central question for psycholinguistics concerns the role of grammatical constraints in online sentence processing. Many current theories maintain that the language processing mechanism constructs a parse or parses that are grammatically consistent with the whole of the perceived input each time it processes a word. Several bottom-up, dynamical models make(More)
The elementary numbers are the complex numbers which can be implicitly or explicitly defined by starting with the rationals and using addition, subtraction, multiplication and exponentiation. More explicitly, an ele. mentary point is a non-singular solution of n equations, involving exponential polynomials, in n unknowns; and an elementary number is(More)
Numerical quantities can be represented as phase differences between equiperiodic oscillating subsystems in a spiking neural net. It is then possible to represent integer variables, and the increment and decrement operations, X := X + 1, X := X − 1. It is possible to represent the if construction, the while construction, and some other programming language(More)