Daniel Ribeiro Gomes

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This work presents the classification of images collected on the World Wide Web, using a supervised classification method, called ID3 (Itemized Dichotomizer 3). The classification consists in separating the images into two semantic classes: graphics and photographs. Photographs include natural scenes, like people, faces, animals, flowers, landscapes and(More)
This study aims to establish an alternative methodology for determination of the main transients on brushless exciters due to transients in the main generator armature. The method consists in calculating, from design data, the parameters of the equivalent circuits of the main generator and the exciter, followed by simulations, with the software(More)
This work presents a proposal of a system that classifies images collected in the World Wide Web. The system separates the images in two semantic classes: photographs and graphics. Photographs are images that show natural scenes, such as people, faces, flowers, animals, landscapes, and cities. Graphics are logos, drawings, icons, maps, and backgrounds,(More)
This work presents the prototype system for a color-based retrieval of images collected on the Web. The images collected are classified in two semantic classes (photographs and graphics) but only photographs are indexed. It basically stores information about regions with the same color in the image (chromatic regions), such as size, position and boundaries(More)
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