Daniel Retkowitz

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In many areas of computer science ontologies become more and more important. The use of ontologies for domain modeling often brings up the issue of ontology integration. The task of merging several ontologies, covering specific subdomains, into one unified ontology has to be solved. Many approaches for ontology integration aim at automating the process of(More)
In future smart homes functionality will be provided to the inhabitants by software services decoupled from the underlying hardware devices. While this will enhance flexibility and will allow to provide cross-functionalities across multiple devices it will also lead to resource conflicts. Future devices will provide basic functionalities which are used by(More)
—In this paper we describe our approach on protecting user privacy in smart environments, particularly smart homes, which we call eHomes. These are environments with devices such as sensors, computational units, actors, which are seamlessly integrated in the environment, and objects we use in our everyday life. In order to provide more convenience to its(More)