Daniel Reinke

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The outreach of computer vision to non-traditional areas has enormous potential to enable new ways of solving real world problems. One such problem is how to incorporate technology in the effort to protect endangered and threatened species in the wild. This paper presents a snapshot of our interdisciplinary team's ongoing work in the Mojave Desert to build(More)
This study investigated the role of acteoside in the amelioration of mucositis. C57BL/6 mice were gavaged daily with acteoside 600 μg for 5 d prior to induction of mucositis and throughout the experimental period. Mucositis was induced by methotrexate (MTX; 12.5 mg/kg; s.c.). Mice were culled on d 5 and d 11 after MTX. The duodenum, jejunum, and ileum were(More)
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