Daniel Ramot

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Although many properties of the nervous system are shared among animals and systems, it is not known whether different neuronal circuits use common strategies to guide behaviour. Here we characterize information processing by Caenorhabditis elegans olfactory neurons (AWC) and interneurons (AIB and AIY) that control food- and odour-evoked behaviours. Using(More)
BACKGROUND Caenorhabditis elegans locomotion is a simple behavior that has been widely used to dissect genetic components of behavior, synaptic transmission, and muscle function. Many of the paradigms that have been created to study C. elegans locomotion rely on qualitative experimenter observation. Here we report the implementation of an automated tracking(More)
Humans and other animals can sense temperature changes as small as 0.1 °C. How animals achieve such exquisite sensitivity is poorly understood. By recording from the C. elegans thermosensory neurons AFD in vivo, we found that cooling closes and warming opens ion channels. We found that AFD thermosensitivity, which exceeds that of most biological processes(More)
Many biochemical networks are robust to variations in network or stimulus parameters. Although robustness is considered an important design principle of such networks, it is not known whether this principle also applies to higher-level biological processes such as animal behavior. In thermal gradients, Caenorhabditis elegans uses thermotaxis to bias its(More)
Anton 2 is a second-generation special-purpose supercomputer for molecular dynamics simulations that achieves significant gains in performance, programmability, and capacity compared to its predecessor, Anton 1. The architecture of Anton 2 is tailored for fine-grained event-driven operation, which improves performance by increasing the overlap of(More)
We have discovered that Figs 1, 2, 3 and 5 and Supplementary Figs 1–5 and 7 of this Article were generated from calcium imaging data that included a number of duplicated or mislabelled movie files. A full reanalysis of source files indicated that 163 of the 851 unique movie files (19%) were invalid. We have regenerated all figures using only valid movies,(More)
A general framework for dealing with numerical measurements in an approximate, uncertain, or fuzzy environment is presented. A fuzzy measurement is defined. It possesses several unique properties, which arise from its physical nature and distinguish it from concepts such as the fuzzy number. These properties, which include the fuzzy correlation term and the(More)
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