Daniel Ramírez-Martínez

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Software simulators for P system are nowadays the main tool to carry out experiments in the field of Membrane Computing. Although the simulation of a P system is a quite complex task, current simulators have been successfully used for pedagogical purposes and also as assistant tools for researchers. In this paper we present a first software tool for dealing(More)
P systems are computational devices versatile enough to represent many real-life scenarios. In this paper, we present a first interpretation for P systems where a computation produces a set of sounds. The idea is to associate sounds to the application of specific rules in the P system. The application of such rules produces sounds of one time unit.(More)
Brownian motion refers to erratic movements of small particles of solid matter suspended in a fluid and it is the basis of the development of many fractals found in Nature. In this paper we use the Membrane Computing model of P systems with membrane creation and the software tool JPLANT [15] in order to check the Einstein's theory on the Mean Square(More)
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