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In this paper, we introduce a novel interface that allows novice users to effectively and intuitively tele-operate robot manipulators. The premise of our method is that an interface that allows its user to direct a robot arm using the natural 6-DOF space of his/her hand would afford effective direct control of the robot; however, a direct mapping between(More)
We present an approach for adding directed gaze movements to characters animated using full-body motion capture. Our approach provides a comprehensive authoring solution that automatically infers plausible directed gaze from the captured body motion, provides convenient controls for manual editing, and adds synthetic gaze movements onto the original motion.(More)
— Planning effective arm motions is integral to manipulation tasks. In general, motion synthesis methods have focused on functional objectives, such as minimizing time and maximizing efficiency. However, recent work in human-robot collaboration suggests that choices in motion design can influence collaboration performance and quality. Some motion designs(More)
— Monitoring, analyzing, or comparing the motions of a robot can be a critical activity but a tedious and inefficient one in research settings and practical applications. In this paper, we present an approach we call motion synopsis for providing users with a global view of a robot's motion trajectory as a set of key poses in a static 2D image, allowing for(More)
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