Daniel R. Wells

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The 5' leader (Omega) of tobacco mosaic viral RNA functions as a translational enhancer. Sequence analysis of a 102-kD protein, identified previously as a specific Omega RNA-binding protein, revealed homology to the HSP101/HSP104/ClpB family of heat shock proteins and its expression in yeast complemented a thermotolerance defect caused by a deletion of the(More)
The internal light-regulatory element (iLRE) of ferredoxin (Fed-1) mRNA, comprising the 5' leader and at least the first 13 codons of the open reading frame, controls transcript abundance after illumination of the plant in a translation-dependent manner. We have characterized the RNA binding activities associated with the Fed-1 iLRE and have identified one(More)
Parallel computing is rapidly evolving to include het erogeneous collections of distributed and parallel sys tems Concurrently applications are becoming in creasingly multidisciplinary with code libraries im plemented using diverse programming models To optimize the behavior of complex applications on heterogeneous systems performance analysis soft ware(More)
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