Daniel R. Taylor

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BACKGROUND Secondhand smoke exposure (SHSe) harms children's health, yet effective interventions to reduce child SHSe in the home and car have proven difficult to operationalize in pediatric practice. A multilevel intervention combining pediatric healthcare providers' advice with behavioral counseling and navigation to pharmacological cessation aids may(More)
The application of external power for the operation of artificial arms, hands, and hooks has intrigued inventors in and outside of prosthetics since the idea was first proposed, in Germany, shortly after World War I (1). Nothing much seems to have happened until Alderson (2) proposed the idea of an electric arm to the International Business Machines Corp .,(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether the online advocacy resource tool, the Children's Advocacy Project of Philadelphia (Cap4Kids), is effective in helping pediatrics residents and pediatricians learn more about community-based organizations (CBOs). This study used an online survey of Cap4Kids Listserv members and analyzed the responses by(More)
We consider a fully quantized model of spontaneous emission, scattering and absorption, and study propagation of a single photon from an emitting atom to a detector atom both with and without an intervening scatterer. We find an exact quantum analogue to the classical complex analytic signal describing an electromagnetic wave scattered by a medium of(More)
The Haircut THE PAGE CAME MID-MORNING. THE DAY HAD PROMISED to be another busy one at the continuity clinic in our large inner-city hospital, located in an area with one of the highest concentrations of poverty of all large US cities. Glancing down at my pager, I saw the incoming message: 5414. PICU. For a general pediatrician, these four numbers are(More)