Daniel R. Swanson

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Assassin bugs (Reduvioidea) are one of the most diverse (>7,000 spp.) lineages of predatory animals and have evolved an astounding diversity of raptorial leg modifications for handling prey. The evolution of these modifications is not well understood due to the lack of a robust phylogeny, especially at deeper nodes. We here utilize refined data from(More)
Early telemetry from the spin-stabilized IMAGE spacecraft indicated that the vehicle's initial nutation was not decaying. This behavior was especially puzzling because the spacecraft's passive nutation damper behaved as expected while IMAGE was attached to the spinning upper stage. The lack of damping was also puzzling because the damper was a tubular ring(More)
The monotypic genus Horciniella Miller, 1958 is considered a junior synonym of Archilestidium Breddin, 1900 (new synonymy), resulting in the following taxonomic change for its type species: Archilestidium variabile (Miller, 1958) (new combination). The evidence supporting this conclusion and the new composition of the genus are discussed at length. Updated(More)
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