Daniel R. Shiman

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A major goal of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 is to promote competition in both the local exchange and long distance wireline markets. In section 271 Congress permitted the Bell Operating Companies (BOCs) to enter the long distance market only if they demonstrate to the FCC that they have complied with the market-opening requirements of section 251.(More)
In the late 1870s there was a tremendous interest in the development of electric lighting, which at long last looked to become commercially viable. In the early 1880s electric lighting systems were being installed in many cities in the US, to light factories, stores, public buildings and streets. While Britain had perhaps fewer inventors than the US, it(More)
The relationship between broadcast TV stations’ ownership characteristics and the quantity of news and public affairs programming they provided is examined, based on the scheduled programming of almost all full power broadcast TV stations for two weeks a year for the four-year period 2002 to 2005. Using a three-way group fixed effects model to control for(More)
Prof. Leslie asks how the variable for TV-newspaper crossownership applies to non-local newspapers. Owners of TV stations that do not own a local newspaper in the same market are not considered to be cross-owned in this analysis, even if they own a national newspaper or a newspaper local to another market. This definition is based on the legal definition of(More)
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