Daniel R. Shapiro

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A highly purified RNA polymerase preparation from pea chloroplasts has been shown to specifically transcribe the 16S rRNA gene in vitro using the recombinant pCB2-8 DNA as a template. The RNA polymerase has been found to show maximum activity and specificity with pea supercoiled rDNA as a template. At low concentrations of ribonucleoside triphosphates, the(More)
A gene (PGII), which codes for a 34.5-kilodalton protein, has been isolated and cloned from pea chloroplast DNA. The production of its 1.2-kilobase mRNA is photodependent. The direction of transcription has been determined, the site of initiation of transcription has been found, and an in vitro protein product has been produced. The gene, including the 5'(More)
Eight transfer RNA (tRNA) genes which were previously mapped to five regions of the Pisum sativum (pea) chloroplast DNA (ctDNA) have been sequenced. They have been identified as tRNAVal(GAC), tRNAAsn(GUU), tRNAArg(ACG), tRNALeu(CAA), tRNATyr(GUA), tRNAGlu(UUC), tRNAHis(GUG), and tRNAArg(UCU) by their anticodons and by their similarity to other previously(More)
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