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To provide insight into what aspects of the emotional circuit might be affected in high-functioning autism, we measured indices of physiological emotions and of the expression of conscious feelings in 10 children with high-functioning autism or Asperger syndrome and 10 comparison participants. Pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral pictures were presented while(More)
BACKGROUND A novel autosomal recessive condition, dilated cardiomyopathy with ataxia (DCMA) syndrome, has been identified in the Canadian Dariusleut Hutterite population, characterised by early onset dilated cardiomyopathy with conduction defects, non-progressive cerebellar ataxia, testicular dysgenesis, growth failure, and 3-methylglutaconic aciduria. (More)
UNLABELLED Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia (SIOD) is a rare autosomal recessive spondylo-epiphyseal dysplasia. The characteristic features of SIOD include 1) short stature with hyperpigmented macules and an unusual facies, 2) proteinuria with progressive renal failure, 3) lymphopenia with recurrent infections, and 4) cerebral ischaemia. Although 25(More)
Myopathies are a clinically and etiologically heterogeneous group of disorders that can range from limb girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD) to syndromic forms with associated features including intellectual disability. Here, we report the identification of mutations in transport protein particle complex 11 (TRAPPC11) in three individuals of a consanguineous(More)
Acute emotional arousal, regardless of the emotional state, increases sympathetic activity. The sympathetic response, however, does not lead to a uniform change in all sympathetically innervated systems. The response magnitude of specific systems, such as the cardiovascular system, depends to a large extent on constitutional and hereditary factors. The(More)
Joubert syndrome related disorders (JSRDs) have broad but variable phenotypic overlap with other ciliopathies. The molecular etiology of this overlap is unclear but probably arises from disrupting common functional module components within primary cilia. To identify additional module elements associated with JSRDs, we performed homozygosity mapping followed(More)
Generalized anxiety disorder is associated with symptoms that suggest heightened muscular tension and autonomic arousal. Since self-reports of physiological states in patients with anxiety disorder are frequently unreliable, we compared 20 female patients with generalized anxiety disorder with a matched group of nonanxious controls on a battery of(More)
An autosomal recessive syndrome of nonprogressive cerebellar ataxia and mental retardation is associated with inferior cerebellar hypoplasia and mild cerebral gyral simplification in the Hutterite population. An identity-by-descent mapping approach using eight patients from three interrelated Hutterite families localized the gene for this syndrome to(More)
Apathy, indifference, loss of initiative, or disinhibition (without concurrent sedation or hypomania) were observed among five patients receiving the serotonin reuptake blocking antidepressants fluvoxamine or fluoxetine. These effects appeared to be dose related. They disappeared rapidly when the dose of fluvoxamine, which has a short half-life, was(More)
1. The effect of a variation in inspiration and expiration times on heart rate variability was studied in 12 healthy subjects (mean age 30+/-6 years; five females). 2. Two 2 min trials of controlled breathing, with either short inspiration followed by long expiration or long inspiration followed by short expiration, were compared. Average(More)