Daniel R Marous

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Despite their broad anti-infective utility, the biosynthesis of the paradigm carbapenem antibiotic, thienamycin, remains largely unknown. Apart from the first two steps shared with a simple carbapenem, the pathway sharply diverges to the more structurally complex members of this class of β-lactam antibiotics, such as thienamycin. Existing evidence points to(More)
A phenomenological mixture model is presented for interactions between biosynthesis of extracellular matrix (ECM) constituents and ECM linking in a scaffold seeded with chondrocytes. A system of three ordinary differential equations for average apparent densities of unlinked ECM, linked ECM and scaffold is developed along with associated initial conditions(More)
We have produced draft whole-genome sequences for two bacterial strains reported to produce the bulgecins as well as NRPS-derived monobactam β-lactam antibiotics. We propose classification of ATCC 31363 as Paraburkholderia acidophila. We further reaffirm that ATCC 31433 (Burkholderia ubonensis subsp. mesacidophila) is a taxonomically distinct producer of(More)
The lytic transglycosylases (LTs) are bacterial enzymes that catalyze the non-hydrolytic cleavage of the peptidoglycan structures of the bacterial cell wall. They are not catalysts of glycan synthesis as might be surmised from their name. Notwithstanding the seemingly mundane reaction catalyzed by the LTs, their lytic reactions serve bacteria for a series(More)
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