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Raven's Progressive Matrices (Raven, Raven, & Court, 1998) is one of the most prevalent assays of fluid intelligence; however , most theoretical accounts of Raven's focus on producing models which can generate the correct answer but do not fit human performance data. We provide a computational-level theory which interprets rule induction in Raven's as(More)
Despite the fact that categories are often composed of correlated features, the evidence that people detect and use these correlations during intentional category learning has been overwhelmingly negative to date. Nonetheless, on other categorization tasks, such as feature prediction, people show evidence of correlational sensitivity. A conventional(More)
AIMS Protein aggregation and oxidative stress are both key pathogenic processes in Parkinson's disease, although the mechanism by which misfolded proteins induce oxidative stress and neuronal death remains unknown. In this study, we describe how aggregation of alpha-synuclein (α-S) from its monomeric form to its soluble oligomeric state results in aberrant(More)
The assumption in some current theories of probabilistic categorization is that people gradually attenuate their learning in response to unavoidable error. However, existing evidence for this error discounting is sparse and open to alternative interpretations. We report 2 probabilistic-categorization experiments in which we investigated error discounting by(More)
The relationship between fluid intelligence and working memory is of fundamental importance to understanding how capacity-limited structures such as working memory interact with inference abilities to determine intelligent behavior. Recent evidence has suggested that the relationship between a fluid abilities test, Raven's Progressive Matrices, and working(More)
Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is the second most common genetic cause of death in childhood. However, no effective treatment is available to halt disease progression. SMA is caused by mutations in the survival motor neuron 1 (SMN1) gene. We previously reported that PTEN depletion leads to an increase in survival of SMN-deficient motor neurons. Here, we(More)
  • David A Brandon, Henry Baskin, Laurence B Deitch, Penny M Crissman, Olivia P Maynard, David J Doyle +19 others
  • 2006
Copyright: Copyright for the materials within these pages belongs to these institutions jointly. Questions regarding the copyright should be addressed to the campus representatives listed below. as an equal opportunity/affirmative action employers, comply with all applicable federal and state laws regarding nondiscrimination and affirmative action,(More)
  • Andrew Bennett, Harry Eckstein, Alexander George, Arend Lijphart, Adam Przeworski, Henry Teune +30 others
  • 2003
This newsletter is the latest development in a trend that has been evident for some time now: qualitative methods are undergoing a renaissance unlike anything seen for the last 25 years. This resurgence has been demonstrated in a number of ways. Over one thousand members of the American Political Science Association, including twenty eight APSA Presidents(More)
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