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The performance of the pulsed-laser atom probe can be limited by both instrument and specimen factors. The experiments described in this article were designed to identify these factors so as to provide direction for further instrument and specimen development. Good agreement between voltage-pulsed and laser-pulsed data is found when the effective pulse(More)
The first dedicated local electrode atom probes (LEAP [a trademark of Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation]) have been built and tested as commercial prototypes. Several key performance parameters have been markedly improved relative to conventional three-dimensional atom probe (3DAP) designs. The Imago LEAP can operate at a sustained data collection(More)
—A Monte Carlo framework, MAGE, has been developed based on the GEANT4 simulation toolkit. Its purpose is to simulate physics processes in low-energy and low-background radiation detectors, specifically for the MAJORANA and GERDA 76 Ge neutrinoless double-beta decay experiments. This jointly-developed tool is also used to verify the simulation of physics(More)
A fast and simple quasi-analytic method to simulate mode characteristics in highly overmoded rectangular dielectric waveguide bends is presented. Fast mode-based bend models are necessary, since overmoded rectangular waveguides have become very popular in optical interconnects on printed circuit boards. The proposed method combines a simple mode solver with(More)
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