Daniel R. Kidd

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The legumes most often used in temperate pastures such as Trifolium subterraneum have relatively high external P requirements for maximum growth. We investigated root traits associated with P acquisition in current and novel pasture legumes, as well as temperate grasses which have lower P requirements. Thirteen legume species, two pasture grasses, and three(More)
This work aimed to quantify the critical external requirement for phosphorus (P) (i.e. extractable-P concentration required for 90 % of maximum yield) for a number of temperate legume species and understand differences in dry matter allocation, P distribution and P acquisition efficiency among these species. Shoot and root growth of five legume and one(More)
Comparing regression-based digital soil mapping and multiple-point geostatistics for the spatial extrapolation of soil data. Quantification of soil carbon from bulk soil samples to predict the aggregate-carbon fractions within using near-and mid-infrared spectroscopic techniques. (2016). Testing the pedometric evaluation of taxonomic units on soil(More)
Trifolium subterraneum L. is the predominant annual pasture legume in southern Australia. Cultivars with improved phosphorus (P) foraging ability would improve the P-use efficiency of agricultural systems. We therefore investigated variation in root traits related to P-uptake among six cultivars. Micro-swards were grown at six levels of P in field soil with(More)
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