Daniel R. Edelson

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Our research is concerned with compiler-independent, eecient and convenient garbage collection for C++. Most collectors proposed for C++ have either been implemented in a library or in a compiler. As an intermediate step between those two, this paper proposes using precompilation techniques to augment a C++ source program with code to allow mostly(More)
Our research is concerned with compiler-independent, tag-free garbage collection for the C++ programming language. We have previously presented a copying collector based on root registration. This paper presents a mark-and-sweep garbage collector that ameliorates shortcomings of the previous collector. We describe the two collectors and discuss why the new(More)
Numerical methods for modeling complex chemical reactions are being used to gain insight into the mechanisms of these systems as well as to provide a capability for predicting their behavior from a knowledge of elementary physical and chemical processes. The state of the art is reviewed, and some projections about likely future developments are made.
The indexing problem, the problem of how to label cases in memory and retrieve them as needed, is a central issue in all case-based reasoning (CBR) systems. Most work on the indexing problem to date has been completely process oriented, that is, it has focussed on algorithms that can be used to retrieve cases quickly. Almost none of this work has looked at(More)