Daniel R. Doiron

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This study describes the development and validation of three Attitudes Towards Male Dating Violence (AMDV) Scales and three Attitudes Towards Female Dating Violence (AFDV) Scales. These scales measure attitudes toward use of psychological, physical, and sexual dating violence, respectively, by boys and by girls. Eight hundred twenty-three students from(More)
Photoradiation (photodynamic) therapy of endobronchial primary and metastatic lung cancers uniformly results in a complete response--that is, the opening up of totally or partially obstructed bronchi to their walls. The method, employing hematoporphyrin derivative and red laser light from an argon-pumped dye laser, is safe, efficient, and effective. The(More)
Thirty-five patients with tumors within the tracheobronchial tree were treated with photoradiation therapy (PRT) employing the photodynamic action of hematoporphyrin derivative (HPD). An effective protocol has been developed consisting of 3.0 mg/kg HPD given intravenously 72 hours prior to the bronchoscopic illumination of the endobronchial tumor sites with(More)
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) involves the administration of a photosensitizing drug and its subsequent activation by light at wavelengths matching the absorption spectrum of the photosensitizer. Because the skin is readily accessible to light-based therapies, PDT with systemic and particularly with topical agents has become important in treating cutaneous(More)
A system using the fluorescence bronchoscope has been designed for localization of small, early bronchogenic carcinoma by the fluorescence of previously injected hematoporphyrin derivative. The system included a 200W mercury vapor lamp and primary filter, flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope with special violet-transmitting light conductor, secondary filter,(More)
Twenty-two patients with endobronchial cancer of the lungs have been treated with photoradiation therapy (PRT) employing a set protocol of 3.0 mg/kg hematoporphyrin derivative (HpD) administered intravenously 72 hours prior to red light (630 nm) illumination via a bronchoscope. Twenty patients showed a complete response. Of these, nineteen had large(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The authors used a pigmented rabbit model to investigate two photosensitizers, tin ethyl etiopurpurin (SnET2) and tin octaethyl benzochlorin (BNZ 203), to determine their potential for creating ciliary body injuries during photodynamic therapy (PDT). MATERIALS AND METHODS The biodistribution of SnET2 (n = 10) and BNZ 203 (n = 9)(More)
Haematoporphyrin derivative (HPD) photodynamic therapy (PDT) may have clinical application in the management of patients with retinoblastoma. Heterotransplantation of retinoblastoma cells into the anterior chamber of the nude mouse eye and the subsequent growth of small tumour masses has provided a model for evaluation of various therapeutic modalities.(More)
Retinoblastoma is the most common malignant intraocular neoplasm of childhood. Enucleation of both eyes is necessary in some advanced cases where radiotherpy and other modalities of treatment have failed. We present in this paper our initial observation that photoradiation therapy (the combination of the photosensitizing drug, hematoporphyrin derivative,(More)