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A cDNA, cRKIN1, encoding a putative homologue of the yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) SNF1-encoded protein-serine/threonine kinase, has been isolated from a library prepared from rye endosperm mRNA. Northern blot analysis demonstrated the presence of cRKIN1-related transcripts in developing endosperms but not in shoots, and Southern blot analysis showed the(More)
Deviations from the random distribution of hydrogen isotopes among isotopic species of liquid and vapor water (the rule of the geometric mean) were critically assessed theoretically and experimentally from the triple to critical point of water. A third-order polynomial equation of the classical near-critical expansion was used to accurately describe the(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide scientifically based screening rules for the primary care setting designed to identify, through evaluation of a prescribed and limited portion of the posterior fundus, those patients with diabetes who have retinopathy severe enough to need referral to eye care specialists. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of the Early Treatment Diabetic(More)
This is an article reviewing the literature and our experience to date (six months) in the treatment of cancer using whole body hyperthermia in the first 60 patients. WBHT is an effective method of treating cancer. Patients were treated for a total of eight hours, 180 degrees F for two hours. WBHT was induced by means of two high-flow water filled blankets.(More)