Daniel R. Brooks

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The phylogeny of the Eucestoda was evaluated based on a suite of 49 binary and multistate characters derived from comparative morphological and ontogenetic studies; attributes of adult and larval tapeworms were considered. A single most parsimonious tree (MPT) (consistency index = 0.872; retention index = 0.838; and homoplasy index = 0.527) was fully(More)
BACKGROUND Mostly anecdotal reports describe a high prevalence of chronic kidney disease in northwestern Nicaragua, predominantly among younger men, resulting in substantial morbidity and mortality. The true prevalence, nature and aetiology of kidney disease in this region remain unknown. METHODS We performed a population-based prevalence study in(More)
Updates to the American Cancer Society (ACS) guidelines regarding screening for the early detection of prostate, colorectal, and endometrial cancers, based on the recommendations of recent ACS workshops, are presented. Additionally, the authors review the "cancer-related check-up," clinical encounters that provide case-finding and health counseling(More)
Recent reports have described an apparent epidemic of CKD along the Pacific coast of Central America, such that CKD is a leading cause of death among working-age men in lower-altitude agricultural communities in this region. Given the limited availability of kidney replacement therapies in this region, CKD often is a terminal diagnosis, lending greater(More)
Patterns of parasite morphological diversification were investigated using a morphological data base for the parasitic platyhelminths comprising 1,459 characters analyzed using phylogenetic systematic methods. Only 10.8% of the 1,882 character transformations are losses, casting doubt on views that parasites are secondarily simplified and exhibit degenerate(More)
The parasite paradox arises from the dual observations that parasites (broadly construed, including phytophagous insects) are resource specialists with restricted host ranges, and yet shifts onto relatively unrelated hosts are common in the phylogenetic diversification of parasite lineages and directly observable in ecological time. We synthesize the(More)
To order by phone call 913-864-4540. MasterCard and VISA accepted. See the inside back cover for a list of other available numbers in this series. ® Word, and figures were drafted in Claris TM MacDraw ® II. The publication was then designed and typeset in Aldus PageMaker ® and forwarded to the printer. he that hopes to be a good Angler must not onely bring(More)
OBJECTIVE To perform a qualitative systematic overview of the measurement properties of the most commonly utilized walk tests in the cardiorespiratory domain: the 2-min walk test (2MWT), 6-min walk test (6MWT), 12-min walk test (12MWT), self-paced walk test (SPWT), and shuttle walk test (SWT). DATA SOURCES MEDLINE (1966 to January 2000) and CINAHL (1982(More)