Daniel R. Biello

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Lung scintigrams and pulmonary angiograms of 111 patients with suspected pulmonary embolism who had matching perfusion defects and radiographic abnormalities (infiltrate, atelectasis, or effusion) were reviewed. In 14 patients perfusion defects were substantially smaller than the corresponding radiographic opacity; only 1 (7%) had pulmonary embolism. In 77(More)
To determine whether prolonged, intense exercise training can improve left ventricular function in patients with coronary artery disease, we studied 25 patients, 52 +/- 2 years old (mean +/- SE), who completed a 12 month program of endurance exercise training and 14 additional patients with comparable maximal exercise capacities and ejection fractions who(More)
The results of ventilation-perfusion (V-Q) imaging and pulmonary angiography were retrospectively analyzed in 146 patients with suspected pulmonary embolism (PE) to define the frequency of PE associated with various scintigraphic patterns. When the radionuclide images demonstrated at least two moderate-sized or one large area of V-Q mismatch, the(More)
We previously showed that the extent of infarction is virtually identical in patients with anterior and inferior infarction despite the more favorable prognosis associated with the latter. We postulated that the damage associated with inferior infarction is shared by both ventricles, thereby causing less hemodynamic impairment than anterior infarction,(More)
The 133Xe ventilation (V) studies, 99mTc perfusion (P) lung images, and pulmonary angiograms of 83 patients with obstructive pulmonary disease (OPD) and suspected pulmonary emboli (PE) were reviewed. Each patient had ventilation abnormalities suggesting OPD and at least one region showing matched V-P abnormalities. All angiograms were obtained within 72(More)
Separation of systolic and diastolic parameters in gated cardiac blood-pool imaging (RVG) was achieved with the retention of two harmonics in the Fourier-series representation of the time-activity curve. Regional and global analysis of left-ventricular peak filling rate (PFR) and time to peak filling (TPF) was performed in 18 control subjects, 20 patients(More)
Thirty normal subjects, aged 22 to 80 years, were studied by radionuclide ventriculography to determine the age dependence of cardiac ventricular diastolic function and to evaluate the association of other factors with ventricular diastolic performance. A strong negative correlation was found between peak diastolic filling rate and age (r = -0.82, p less(More)
The authors describe a digital filter that greatly enhances the quality of gated cardiac blood-pool images. Spatial filtering is accomplished with a minimum-mean-square-error (Wiener) filter incorporating measured camera blur and Poisson noise statistics. A low-pass temporal filter is then applied to each pixel, with the cutoff frequency determined from(More)
To evaluate the clinical utility of improved methods for radioaerosol inhalation imaging, we obtained preperfusion radioaerosol images in 107 patients (mean age = 62 years), who were referred for evaluation of suspected pulmonary embolism (PE). For each patient, we compared six-view aerosol images with accompanying perfusion scans and chest radiographs and(More)