Daniel R. Balfour

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Respiratory motion is a complicating factor in PET imaging as it leads to blurring of the reconstructed images which adversely affects disease diagnosis and staging. Existing motion correction techniques are often based on 1D navigators which cannot capture the inter- and intra-cycle variabilities that may occur in respiration. MR imaging is an attractive(More)
BACKGROUND Respiratory motion in positron emission tomography (PET) is an unavoidable source of error in the measurement of tracer uptake, lesion position and lesion size. The introduction of PET-MR dual modality scanners opens a new avenue for addressing this issue. Motion models offer a way to estimate motion using a reduced number of parameters. This can(More)
We present a novel retrospective self-gating method based on manifold alignment (MA), which enables reconstruction of free breathing, high spatial, and temporal resolution abdominal magnetic resonance imaging sequences. Based on a radial golden-angle acquisition trajectory, our method enables a multidimensional self-gating signal to be extracted from the k(More)
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