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Nitrite is a substrate but also an inhibitor of anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox).There is currently no consensus on whether ionized nitrite (INi) or free nitrous acid (FNA) is the actual inhibitor of the process. The inhibition by INi and FNA on the anammox process has been analysed using a wide range of INi and FNA concentrations and by altering the(More)
Ammonium is a substrate of the anaerobic ammonium oxidation (Anammox) process but it has been suggested as a substrate-inhibitor because of the action of its unionized form, free ammonia. High pH of the medium is also an important limiting factor of the Anammox bacteria. Both effects are difficult to discriminate. In this work the inhibitory effects of high(More)
Limits in resource availability are driving a change in current societal production systems, changing the focus from residues treatment, such as wastewater treatment, toward resource recovery. Biotechnological processes offer an economic and versatile way to concentrate and transform resources from waste/wastewater into valuable products, which is a(More)
Age-related progressive glomerular sclerosis in the rat is associated with increased expression of tumor necrosis factor-beta1 and increased protein content in the renal cortex, enhanced production of H2O2, in both renal glomeruli and mesangial cells (MCs) cultured from them, as well as augmented glomerular oxidative damage. We have previously shown that(More)
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