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Focusing on technical security can lead to shortfalls in the understanding of social and organisational security challenges. This paper proposes a method for analysing social, technical, and organisational security challenges, in regard to industrial control systems (ICS). This method is applied to a target organisation dependent on ICS, to validate the(More)
In assessing the security posture of Industrial Control Systems (ICS), several approaches have been proposed, including attack graphs, attack trees, Bayesian networks and security ideals. Predominantly focusing on technical vulnerabilities, challenges stemming from social and organisational factors are often reviewed in isolation, if at all. Taking a mean(More)
Cybercrime is a topic in which public and governmental understandings have long been shaped by cultural constructions and the almost theatrical politics of security. In recent years, however, the Cybercrime stakes have risen with more professional and state engineered attacks, more commercial cybercrime and it being used to spread hate. As a consequence,(More)
Fintech business models based on distributed ledgers – and their smart-contract variants in particular – offer the prospect of democratizing access to faster, anywhere-accessible, lower cost, reliable-and-secure high-quality financial services. In addition to holding great, economically transformative promise, these business models pose new, little-studied(More)
BACKGROUND Covering insertion sites with chlorhexidine impregnated dressings has been proven to be clinically effective in reducing catheter related blood stream infections (CR-BSI). Two chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG)-impregnated dressings are commercially available, a polyurethane foam disk and a film dressing containing a chlorhexidine(More)