Daniel Posch

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With video streaming becoming more and more popular, the number of devices that are capable of streaming videos over the Internet is growing. This leads to a heterogeneous device landscape with varying demands. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) offers an elegant solution to these demands. Smart adaptation logics are able to adjust the clients'(More)
The consumption of audio-visual content is the most dominant traffic source in today's Internet. Novel architectural approaches, such as Information-Centric Networking (ICN), are developed to support efficient multimedia dissemination. As ICN and MPEG-DASH have several concepts in common, recent proposals consider a fusion of both technologies. However,(More)
Forwarding decisions in classical IP-based networks are predetermined by routing. This is necessary to avoid loops, inhibiting opportunities to implement an adaptive and intelligent forwarding plane. Consequently, content distribution efficiency is reduced due to a lack of inherent multi-path transmission. In Named Data Networking NDN instead, routing shall(More)
Information-centric Networking (ICN) as a potential Future Internet architecture has to efficiently support the consumption of multimedia content. Recent proposals consider the reuse of MPEG-DASH to provide adaptive streaming in ICN. Due to the fact that MPEG-DASH relies on pure client-driven adaptation, it encounters difficulties dealing with ICN's(More)
This paper proposes a framework for on-demand video streaming that enables secure and efficient delivery of data towards the end user. Our proposal requires the combined usage of three different technologies. The first one is a recent proposal by Jacobsen et al. [1][2] called Content-Centric Networking (also known as Named Data Networking). It is a network(More)
The computer communication research community has a significant interest in the paradigm of ICN. Continuously, new proposals for ICN-related challenges (caching, forwarding, etc.) are published. However, due to a lack of a readily available testbed, the majority of these proposals are evaluated by either theoretical analysis and/or conducting network(More)
The emergence of Information-Centric Networking~(ICN) provides considerable opportunities for context-aware data distribution in the network's forwarding plane. While packet forwarding in classical IP-based networks is basically predetermined by routing, ICN foresees an adaptive forwarding plane considering the requirements of network applications. As(More)
Today, the global share and increase of Internet traffic is largely caused by multimedia delivery, mainly encompassing video, audio and image sharing on social, news, and entertainment platforms. This fact is well known to the Internet research community, which tries to counteract by increasing the content delivery efficiency. So-called Information-Centric(More)