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The Developmental Effectiveness of Remittances: Case Study on Huedin Town, Romania
Relying on survey data from Huedin, a town in Romania, we seek to provide an empirical evidence for the hypothesis according to which remittances could have either a positive or negativeExpand
Romanian managers and human resource management
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe the role of human resource management (HRM) in Romania.Design/methodology/approach – The paper describes the latest changes and their reflections inExpand
Machine Learning and Cloud Computing: Survey of Distributed and SaaS Solutions
This survey investigates how cloud computing paradigm impacted the field of ML, and introduces the most prominent industrial and academic outcomes, such as Apache Mahout, GraphLab or Jubatus. Expand
Support Services for Applications Execution in Multi-clouds Environments
A run-time platform that enables the deployment and execution of applications on multi-clouds with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) and details the underlying services of the unified layer responsible for connecting to multiple IaaS cloud providers. Expand
Integrating Social Media and Open Data in a Cloud-Based Platform for Public Sector Advertising
The findings related to the use of content from social networks as public ads are presented and an open and collaborative platform that supports semantically-enabled, participative PSA is proposed. Expand
AgentDiscover: A Multi-Agent System for Knowledge Discovery from Databases
The aim of the proposed system is to deal with the complexity of KDD processes and to offer a tool that supports both researchers exploring KDD methods and non-expert users looking for quick results in this field. Expand
A Multi-Agent Problem Solving Architecture based on UPML
An Extensible Environment for Expert System Development
This paper presents an extensible, user-friendly environment for expert system development, which supports the integration of high-level knowledge ”beans” into host projects, data integration from conventional database systems and system’s verification, debugging and profiling. Expand
Energy-efficient Algorithms for Ultrascale Systems
The current research efforts and results related to energy efficiency in the diverse areas of software are discussed and questions concerning energy-related techniques with an emphasis on the application or algorithmic side are concluded. Expand
DL-AgentRecom - A Multi-Agent Based Recommendation System for Scientific Documents
The architecture and the principles of functioning of the system are presented and the users perspective can be mixed with system perspective, also the system can have and build its own perspective. Expand