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Invited Paper This paper describes the language LUSTRE which is a data flow synchronous language, designed for programming reactive systems -uch as automatic control and monitoring s y s t e m s a s well as for describing hardware. The data flow aspect of LUSTRE makes it very close to usual description tools in these domains (block-diagrams, networks of(More)
This paper serves as an introduction to the semantics of the Lustre language. Lustre is a language which is useful for reasoning about systems, and, in particular, about proving some types of properties of the system; though these are not discussed in the paper. This work is of interest to us because it can potentially be the basis for semantics for Uccello(More)
—This paper addresses the problem of automatically distributing reactive systems. We first show that the use of synchronous languages allows a natural parallel description of such systems, regardless of any distribution problems. Then, a desired distribution can be easily specified, and achieved with the algorithm presented here. This distribution technique(More)
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