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This work presents a new methodology for computing ground states of Bose–Einstein condensates based on finite element discretizations on two different scales of numerical resolution. In a preprocessing step, a low-dimensional (coarse) generalized finite element space is constructed. It is based on a local orthogonal decomposition of the solution space and(More)
This paper reviews standard oversampling strategies as performed in the multiscale finite element method (MsFEM). Common to those approaches is that the oversampling is performed in the full space restricted to a patch including coarse finite element functions. We suggest, by contrast, performing local computations with the additional constraint that trial(More)
In this paper we propose and analyze a localized orthogonal decomposition (LOD) method for solving semi-linear elliptic problems with heterogeneous and highly variable coefficient functions. This Galerkin-type method is based on a generalized finite element basis that spans a low dimensional multiscale space. The basis is assembled by performing localized(More)