Daniel Perotto

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The effects of corn replacement by different glycerine levels on carcass characteristics and meat quality of 40 young Purunã bulls, weighing 209 ± 33.3 kg and 8 ± 0.9 months old, finished in feedlot, were evaluated. The treatments were G00: without glycerine; G06: 6% glycerine; G12: 12% glycerine; and G18: 18% glycerine in the diets, on a DM basis. Hot(More)
Eleven heifers of the Purunã cattle breed were used to evaluate wound healing by second intention. An experimental wound excision model in bovines was created by means of a skin punch of diameter 2cm. The animals were topically treated for 17 days with a saline control or decoctions of Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi (Aroeira mansa), Tabebuia avellanedae(More)
In this paper, weight, carcass dressing, weights of the primary cuts, weights of the physical components of the primary cuts, and weights of the main commercial cuts of 66 Purunã animals, of which 33 were bulls and 33 were steers were evaluated. These animals, with an average age of 19 months at the beginning of the experiment, were finished in a feedlot(More)
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