Daniel Paramythiotis

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BACKGROUND Acute pancreatitis leads to abdominal hypertension and compartment syndrome. Weeks after the episodes pancreatic fluids sometimes organize to pseudocysts, fluid collections by or in the gland. Aims of the present study were to evaluate the intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) induced by large pancreatic pseudocysts and to examine the effect of their(More)
INTRODUCTION Splenic vein thrombosis results in localized portal hypertension called sinistral portal hypertension, which may also lead to massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Symptomatic sinistral portal hypertension is usually best treated by splenectomy, but interventional radiological techniques are safe and effective alternatives in the management(More)
INTRODUCTION Teratomas of the sacrococcygeal area are usually diagnosed in infancy and are rarely seen in adults. CASE PRESENTATION We report the case of a 36-year-old Greek woman experiencing chronic constipation due to a benign presacral teratoma. Imaging examinations showed a pelvic mass without evidence of malignancy. An ovoid tumour with a maximum(More)
INTRODUCTION Endometriosis affects 3 to 10 percent of women of reproductive age. Most of the time it involves the pelvis; however, sites of endometriosis have been reported almost anywhere in the body. Appendiceal and primary umbilical endometriosis are considered rare loci, making accurate diagnosis elusive. Here we present the case of a 46-year-old woman(More)
INTRODUCTION Solid pseudo-papillary tumors of the pancreas are rare and typically present in young female patients. They are slowly growing masses that may attain large size, and are of low malignant potential. Surgical resection is usually curative. CASE PRESENTATION A 71-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with an episode of hematemesis(More)
Introduction. Hydatid cyst disease caused by Echinococcus granulosus is rarely presented in the kidneys, whereas isolated renal occurrence is estimated to be about as low as 2-4% of all cases. We present a case of a female patient suffering from this condition that was treated successfully in our department. Case Presentation. A 44-year-old woman was(More)
Diverticular perforation is a common complication of diverticulitis and can lead to the creation of abscesses. The presence of such abscesses on the abdominal wall is rare and can lead to misdiagnosis. We present the case of a patient with abdominal pain and the formation of a large left lumbar abscess due to perforation of a diverticulum of the left colon(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute appendicitis due to Enterobius vermicularis is very rare, affecting mostly children. Whether pinworms cause inflammation of the appendix or just appendiceal colic has been a matter of controversy. CASE PRESENTATION A Caucasian 52-year-old man was referred to our Emergency Department with acute abdominal pain in his right lower quadrant.(More)
The present case is one of gallstone obstructive ileus due to gallstones 3 yr after laparoscopic cholecystectomy. It is interesting because of the sex of the patient, the fact that ileus occurred 3 yr after cholecystectomy and that the localization of the obstruction was an old side-to-side ileoileal anastomosis due to a diverticulectomy following(More)
INTRODUCTION The literature is replete with articles of foreign-body appendicitis and periappendicitis, but to our knowledge there are only two reports of extraintestinal foreign bodies causing contact appendicitis. CASE PRESENTATION A 47-year old woman presented to the emergency department with a 24-hour history of right iliac fossa pain, nausea and(More)