Daniel P. Snowden-Ifft

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A prototype weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) detector system is described. The detection efficiency is much larger when the incident neutral particle flux is perpendicular to the detector plane than when it is parallel to the plane. A greatly scaled-up system based on this device would therefore be sensitive to the diurnal rotation of the “WIMP(More)
High precision measurements were made of reduced mobility, lateral and longitudinal diffusion of CS2(-) ions in 40 Torr CS2 and a 30-10 Torr CS2-CF4 gas mixture. The reduced mobility was found to be 0.4645 ± 0.0006 cm(2) atm/s V in CS2 and 0.523 ± 0.001 cm(2) atm/s V in the CS2-CF4 gas mixture at STP. The lateral diffusion temperatures for these two gases(More)
This paper focuses on the surprising discovery of multiple species of ionization-created CS2 anions in gas mixtures containing electronegative CS2 and O2, identified by their slightly different drift velocities. Data are presented to understand the formation mechanism and identity of these new anions. Regardless of the micro-physics, however, this discovery(More)
Recent computational results suggest that directional dark matter detectors have potential to probe for WIMP dark matter particles below the neutrino floor. The DRIFT-IId detector used in this work is a leading directional WIMP search time projection chamber detector. We report the first measurements of the detection of the directional nuclear recoils in a(More)
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