Daniel P Salem

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A noncircular orbit implemented by a combination of rotational and translational motions in single photon emission computed tomography improves significantly the image resolution and uniformity. The former is realized by closer access of the detector to the object at each projection angle, and the latter by suppression of ring artifacts through the shifts(More)
Intercellular communication via chemical signaling proceeds with both spatial and temporal components, but analytical tools, such as microfabricated electrodes, have been limited to just a few probes per cell. In this work, we use a nonphotobleaching fluorescent nanosensor array based on single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) rendered selective to dopamine(More)
Protein A is often used for the purification and detection of antibodies such as immunoglobulin G (IgG) because of its quadrivalent domains that bind to the Fc region of these macromolecules. However, the kinetics and thermodynamics of the binding to many sensor surfaces have eluded mechanistic description due to complexities associated with multivalent(More)
Single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) oligonucleotides have unique, and in some cases, sequence-specific molecular interactions with the surface of carbon nanotubes that remain the subject of fundamental study. In this work, we observe and analyze a generic, ionic strength mediated phase transition exhibited by over 25 distinct oligonucleotides adsorbed to(More)
We have performed two campaigns of intensive monitoring of the blazars 3C 273, 3C 279, and PKS 1510−089 in the X-ray, optical, near-IR, and radio regions in March and April 2002. The quasar 3C 279 reveals significant interday variability at all wavelengths. The quasar 3C 273 shows smooth variations in the X-ray and near-IR regions on time scales of 2-3(More)
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