Daniel P. Julin

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This paper reports on an ongoing project to develop a general understanding of the problems encountered when building emulators for various operating systems at the user-level on top of a Mach 3.0 micro-kernel, and to propose a common framework to construct emulations for a wide range of target systems and environments. It presents an overview and(More)
The Mach operating system supports secure local communication within one node of a distributed system by providing protected communication abstraction can be extended over a network by Network Server tasks. The network servers effectively act as local representatives for remote tasks by implementing an abstraction of Network Ports. To extend the security of(More)
This paper examines the Mach-US operating system, its unique architecture, and the lessons demonstrated through its implementation. Mach-US is an object-oriented multi-server OS which runs on the Mach3.0 kernel. Mach-US has a set of separate servers supplying orthogonal OS services and a library which is loaded into each user process. This library uses the(More)
This paper describes requirements placed upon client-server interaction in a multi-server operating system and how to answer those requirements. Addressed are the problems of binding maintenance in the face of: remote method invocation, forking, binding transfer, authentication, asynchronous interruption, and client crashes. Design and implementation(More)
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