Daniel P. Fiege

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The low MR sensitivity of the sodium nucleus and its low concentration in the human body constrain acquisition time. The use of both single-quantum and triple-quantum sodium imaging is, therefore, restricted. In this work, we present a novel MRI sequence that interleaves an ultra-short echo time radial projection readout into the three-pulse triple-quantum(More)
Triple-quantum filtering has been suggested as a mechanism to differentiate signals from different physiological compartments. However, the filtering method is sensitive to static field inhomogeneities because different coherence pathways may interfere destructively. Previously suggested methods employed additional phase-cycles to separately acquire(More)
Sodium is the second most abundant MR-active nucleus in the human body and is of fundamental importance for the function of cells. Previous studies have shown that many pathophysiological conditions induce an increase of the average tissue sodium concentration. To date, several MR sequences have been used to measure sodium. The aim of this study was to(More)
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