Daniel P. Connelly

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A study of the distribution of the 'booster' biocide 2-methylthio-4-tert-butylamino-6-cyclopropyl amino-s-triazine (Irgarol 1051) was carried out in the coastal waters of Bermuda. Irgarol 1051 concentrations (as determined by GC/MS) up to 590 ng l-1 have been measured within Hamilton Harbour. The data presented herein unequivocally demonstrate contamination(More)
Shelf sediments underlying temperate and oxic waters of the Celtic Sea (NW European Shelf) were found to have shallow oxygen penetrations depths from late spring to late summer (2.2–5.8 mm below seafloor) with the shallowest during/after the spring-bloom (mid-April to mid-May) when the organic carbon content was highest. Sediment porewater dissolved iron(More)
Declines in bird populations in agricultural regions of North America and Europe have been attributed to agricultural industrialization, increases in use of agrochemical application, and increased predation related to habitat modification. Based on count data compiled from Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) from 1974 to 2012, Christmas Bird Count (CBC) collected(More)
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