Daniel Pérez Plasencia

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INTRODUCTION Nasal packing is routinely used in septal surgery to prevent postoperative bleeding. OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the possibility of transeptal suture as a safe and effective way to avoid nasal packing and to improve efficiency. METHODS This is a prospective, descriptive, inferential cost study comprising 92 patients. Two randomized groups of(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the hearing threshold and linguistic results of cochlear implanted children aged 10 months to 5 years, when they reached the age of 12. We studied the benefits of sequential bilateral implantation. METHOD AND RESULTS This is an observational, descriptive, transversal study comprising 57 cochlear implanted subjects. We performed a free(More)
INTRODUCTION Speech perception in noise relies on the capacity of the auditory system to process complex sounds using sensory and cognitive skills. The possibility that these can be trained during adulthood is of special interest in auditory disorders, where speech in noise perception becomes compromised. Air traffic controllers (ATC) are constantly exposed(More)
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