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One of the most common ways to ensure the quality of industry specifications is technical review, as the documents are typically written in natural language. Unfortunately, review activities tends to be less effective because of the increasing size and complexity of the specifications. For example at Mercedes-Benz, a specification and its referenced(More)
Latin America is facing a rapid increase in internet use along with fast growing computer sales. Penetration with electronic equipment is in some countries approaching the level of industrialized countries. There is an evident need to resolve the management of “end-of-life” computers and other electronic equipment. Several studies in Latin America assessed(More)
Die Idee hinter dem Konzept " Themenkarte " ist es, den Review-Prozess zu unterstützen, indem der Prüfling (das Anforderungsdokument) und seine MGU nach Themen kategorisiert werden. Ein Thema wird durch ein oder mehrere Themenbegriffe definiert. Zum Beispiel ist das Thema " Temperatur " durch Themenbegriffe wie " heiß " , " kalt " , " Wärme " , " • C " , "(More)
With the development of new projector systems and high bandwidth computing, dome theaters are emerging that immerse the audience's visual senses with large, 180° field-of-view animations. These theaters are seeking new and exciting custom content from artists, yet the production of such content is technically cumbersome and time-consuming. This paper(More)