Daniel O'Byrne

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Resting T cells require a signal transduced through their antigen-specific T-cell receptor (TCR) and an antigen-independent costimulatory signal in order to proliferate and become activated. Ligation of the CD28 receptor costimulates T-cell proliferation and is critical to correct T-cell function. A putative effector of CD28-mediated costimulation is the(More)
This paper examines the feasibility of using ontologies to model generic sensor networks, based on the capabilities of the current generation of ontology tools. The creation of such an ontology, the current tool's capacity to adequately maintain it, and its potential functionality, as part of a larger semantic system are addressed here. These topics were(More)
Type 1 diabetes is a T cell-mediated autoimmune disease where a number of islet beta-cell target autoantigens have been characterized on the basis of reactivity with autoantibodies. Nevertheless, there remains uncertainty of the nature of another group of autoantigens associated with the secretory granule fraction of islet beta-cells that appear to be(More)
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